November 13th, 2008


Turkey and Rice Balls

Bought Jet a small blue lunch box with three tiers at Daiso. Also one of the itty-bitty diamond rice ball makers. And this morning, we packed him a tiny lunch, with half a dozen of the rice balls stacked on top of a dozen goldfish and a little container of mandarin oranges. He had a tiny fork in its own case that he slipped in under the band holding all the boxes together. And we put the whole thing in an insulated lunch bag so nothing would be lost in the helter-skelter of all his class' lunch boxes in the big lunch hamper.

He went to school.

And we followed him to do the Parent Thanksgiving Lunch. Heh.

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Uhm... Sorry...

Between the Oakland trip, the writing, and life in general, I haven't been real good at keeping up with my flist. If there's stuff you'd like me to see, please comment with it? And I'll look. I promise. Things have just been a bit nuts lately... Thanks!

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