November 27th, 2008


And It Was Good

We had 20+ folks over for Thanksgiving, including John's mom and dad, several neighbors, and a couple of folks that don't have family in the area. One family came with us from the Seattle area to Colorado as part of our company's acquisition, so we've known them for well over two decades, now. So they're essentially part of the family.

John divvied up all the parts of the meal, and everyone brought their thing. I was just in charge of the turkey, the dressing, a pumpkin pie, and, of course, the gravy. I love gravy. I made the pumpkin pie the night before while wrestling with my fifth of the sermon for Sunday. I really hadn't thought I'd have to do part of the sermon, but on Tuesday I got tagged with it. Bah. First Sunday of Advent is always so dark, but I learned a little more about apocalyptic stories in the OT, so I dragged some of that out.

And then I was up until 2am writing hugs for people on Y!Gallery. *laughs and laughs* AND wrestling with the darned sermon, which is kind of bemusing to think about, really. Especially since the fifteen pound turkey really had to be in the oven by 10 am to make it for the 3 pm start time.

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