December 8th, 2008


Fiction: Apricot and Her Two Blackbirds

Title: Apricot and Her Two Blackbirds: Part 1 of at least 3
Author: Written by liralen. All the mistakes are mine, all the really cool lines were by the players or the GM. *grins*
Gaming System: "Don't Rest Your Head" by Fred Hicks, modified by Carl Rigney amberley to reflect Shadowrun concepts (where magic and cyberpunk collide) into "Don't Lose Your Edge". Carl ran the game.
Characters: Apricot (streetmage by diony), Rei (CLAMP Fighter for Justice by space_parasite), and Le Merle Blanc (wireless razorgirl by liralen)
Rating: PG-13 for some rather graphic violence to start, warning of an eye getting lost right off the bat.
Word Count: 3537
Summary: Our heroes try to rescue a little goblin girl and get pulled into all kinds of things due to trying to help out.
A/N: Quick character summaries can be found here on Carl's wiki page for his variation of the game. They're nice little nuggets of what really drives the chars and what's behind them. We're not quite a typical team. *laughs*

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