December 11th, 2008


I Have Been Redeemed of my Fire and Brimstone Past

This morning, while Jet, my seven-year-old son who has been in Sunday School nearly every Sunday since he was two, was looking at a comic in the newspaper:

Jet: Hey, dad, why are there all these flames and stuff?
Dad: Uhm... I guess that's the Devil and they're in Hell...
Jet: What the heck is Hell?

As our pastor said, rather apologetically, "The UCC has never been all that good at the sin and hell stuff."
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My doom has finally befallen me...

I mailed Gabe's gloves this morning (along with a bunch of other packages, but that's not as cool a story) and I now have John's cold.

It was inevitable... as inevitable as the falling of a cherry blossom's petal...

Yeah, yeah, I'm taking it as a perfect excuse to drink soup, sleep, and play Okami to my heart's content.

And, no, really, you don't have to feel sorry for me. *laughs*