December 18th, 2008


Oh My God...

I have akuni's hummingbird painting posted on my Deviant Art gallery...

... and someone asked today, if it would be okay if they took a print of it to their tattoo artist. They wanted it, cherry blossoms and all, as they'd been looking for a hummingbird for a really long time...

I'm... flabbergasted and gave her my consent. I'm still bemused at the thought of someone carrying my art on their skin for the rest of their lives.

Lots of Small Miracles Today

Lots of them. Eventhough I didn't wake up until nearly noon today. I was... exhausted, but I'm recovering some now. I feel like I'm finally over the hump of this cold.

My espresso machine died today. It's broken once and John soldered and glued its butt together two years ago, but in the last month it's just been off... and today the steam just died completely. John's been asking me for Christmas gift ideas... yeah, that's why it's a *good* thing.

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