January 7th, 2009


Fanfic: Thaw

Title: Thaw
Fandom: Tsubasa RC
Pairing: Kurogane/Fai
Rating: R -- adult themes, blood, and yaoi.
Warning: Spoils through Celes Country and chapter 165
Word Count: 1418
Summary: Old memories and dreams chill Fai to the bone and he needs Kurogane to warm him through. Set in the Chess world.
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make money off Tsubasa RC.
A/N: Written for stark_black, and done so in a basement that made my toes really, really cold *laughs*

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The fire line on the hill glows bright, almost like some high school prank gone chaotic.

The winds today were typical Boulder winds. Steady 50's, gusts from 75 to 100 mph, with this light air it's not quite as strong as at sea level. But then the fire started from a downed electrical line. When we went to pick Jet up at his school to get him to the passport office on time, the whole hillside, one of the Front Range "hills" was on fire. The air filled with smoke, and when we came back home, the sunset was browned by the huge plume of smoke blowing to the West.

We're out of the path, but the Denver coverage is saying "Niwot" and "Longmont" for the location north of Boulder. We're close enough that the air is full of smoke. Close enough to be able to see how quickly the flames move. The fire is south of us and the wind, the Jet Stream (made Jet giggle) is doing the usual Western thing. The weather is dry and warm, the snow of a week ago is completely gone. It was nearly in the 50's this morning, and abrupt change from the days before.

They're on it. Keeping the "structures" safe, and reverse 911 gave some folks only five or ten minutes as the wind was moving the flames FAST, but everyone's evacuated. I'm very glad that the local news crews are sane about getting out when told to by Hot Shots.
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