January 23rd, 2009



Life is sometimes unexpected...

I did not expect to spend three days on icons for y!Gallery. I did not expect but did welcome a chance to make more painting cards and do more experimentation on mounting (which has ended up with our having a big plexiglass plate in our living room). I did not expect to have to do mild skin surgery on a duck in order to roast it this evening (for some reason all the skin was missing off the leg/thigh/back of a discount duck, maybe that's why?). I did not expect to have Jet get madly interested in Heston Blumenthal's In Search of Perfection. Perhaps I need to introduce Jet to Alton Brown, too.

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jin and mugen

Fanfic: Combined Edge Strange Edge

Fandom: Samurai Champloo
Characters: Jin and Mugen
Rating: R -- for very explicit sword violence, bad language, and a kiss.
Word Count: 5,996
Summary: Jin visits a shrine to pray for the dead while stopping in town to reforge his sword.
Disclaimer: I do not own nor make money off of Samurai Champloo
A/N: 合縁奇縁 aienkien -- "Uncannily good relationship made by fate from an unlikely joining of people." The title is from a Japanese "yojijukugo", just as the titles from the anime are. I just wanted to use the literal translation for the title as it actually, oddly enough, fits the piece better. This takes place after the end of the series. Yes... this is not a historically accurate piece.

This was quick-read by mysocalledhell, beta'ed by 2metaldog, and omega'ed by gogoangelgunboy. I'll admit that there's now stuff in this that none of the three have seen, so all the mistakes are my own.

This was also a kiriban for 10,000 hits on Y!Gallery for hartofthewud. Her prompts were: Floating Shrine, pearl netsuke, practicing katas, and a secret desire. It would be nice to have both Jin and Mugen, but if you want just one main chara, then Jin plz. and NC-17 or R, whichever seems best.

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Cardamom Ice Cream Win

The cardamom ice cream was a huge win. But I cheated... *laughs* I just used my own usual recipe and added cardemom pods instead of vanilla and it was perfect. But most of the ratios were the same as nannete's recipe for everything except the egg.

Jet ate the duck, with hoisin sauce on a flour tortilla quite happily. I got the mu shu done, and a monster of a fic done, and got a few cards out in the mail, and played with Jet and did homework with him when he was home... but that's about it. *laughs*

Of course, just in time for ice cream, the weather turned from sunny and warm to blowing snow. *laughs*

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