January 26th, 2009


New Years Dream...

I dreamed of having a undulating, giant black and white dragon made of thousands of gleaming Lego® pieces on my shoulders as I flew it over a detailed, intricate model of Tokyo, with Catherine Zeta Jones as we tested out a part of the story together. And I crashed the gigantic, gorgeous, powerful thing into the city in a beautiful explosion of pieces and the peaceful knowledge that I and the special effects department would be able to put it all back together again.

It was the third story trial we'd done together, each one testing and perfecting another part of the movie/story we were plotting and planning and writing and filming together.

Pretty nice first dream... *sighs happily*

This morning it was 7° F (-13 C) with horizontal blowing snow. I guess our unseasonal weather has left for a bit. *laughs* I really do actually like shoveling snow from the sidewalk for exercise, especially after seeing the one girl that habitually wears leggings and slippers in the snow actually have a real coat on. What she does for fashion... *shakes head*

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