February 4th, 2009


A Worthwhile Sacrifice

I have a copy of the PBS America's Test Kitchen's The Best Recipe. It is probably the most battered book in my collection of cookbooks, though How to Cook Everything is a close second.

I've been craving ribs, slow-smoked ribs. The problem is that most of the local places either parboil 'em or only do babyback ribs in outdoor smokers; and on the Front Range, the atmosphere here is so dry that I've never been able to get rib that wasn't so dry it might as well be called jerky. Heck, even big beef ribs turn into jerky, so it may well not be the size, just the atmosphere here.

Big, meaty spareribs were on sale at our grocery store for Super Bowl Sunday, and I took advantage of the sale and bought a whole rack for about $9.

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