February 8th, 2009


drabble for incandescens -- Taking What's Yours

Title: Taking What's Yours
Fandoms: Bleach and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles
Requester: incandescens
Prompt: The Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle mob landing in the Bleach universe, for instance . . . anyone seen a feather?

Aizen had just hollowfied Yamamoto with the crumbling Hogyoku, when a curling white pattern scrolled across Soul Society's sky, opening a yawning black hole. A girl, a boy, two men, and a white manju bun with ears spilled from the gap.

The little white creature's eyes went *poink*. "Sakura's feather! It's there!" It pointed excitedly at the Hogyoku, which crumbled even more. A curve of white gleamed.

Yamamoto took advantage of the distraction, broke his mask, and bit Aizen's head off. He plucked the feather from the body with long claws.



"Take it, child."

She did so, fearlessly.

Drabble for akuni -- Reflections

Title: Reflections
Fandom: Saiyuki
Requester: akuni
Request: Kougaiji, prompt "shine"

Kougaiji leaned against iron railing. Tears flowed, shining, from his mother's open, frozen eyes; and he cursed himself for his weakness.

"They want me to kill him," he said, unhappily.

"He does what should be done, speaks the truth, and takes care of his own. He doesn't take care of himself at all." He gave a laugh. "His companions are magnificent people and fighters. They follow him because they love him."

Kougaiji sighed at the memory of the banishing gun cold against his throat.

"If they will stop at nothing to kill him, then what will they do to me?"

drabble for akuni -- Both

Title: Both
Fandom: Saiyuki
Requester: akuni
Request: Kougaiji, prompt "shine".
A/N: I was cranky and depressed when I wrote the last one, so I thought I'd do something... fluffier... and this hit me. *laughs*

The cigarette coal shone in the darkness. Kougaiji tangled his legs with those of his lover's, and he ran the tips of his claws down along the pulse line of his lover's throat. The coal glowed hot on an indrawn breath, even as he felt muscles tense.

He purred, a deep rumbling that made the other man chuckle, one long hand reached to scratch behind his ears and he sighed in bliss, butting his head against a strong shoulder.

"So the prince purrs like a tiger."

"Better than the prince or the tiger."

Sanzo tched, "With you, I get both."