February 9th, 2009


The Lucky Dead

My desktop machine died today. Whee!

I'm very glad that I posted the drabbles nearly as fast as I came up with them and I had copies of the last chapter in gmail, since I'd sent them to incandescens, and she got the first one back to me! Yay! I didn't lose any edits, and my memory stick has everything else, and I'd just made my New Years backup (late for me, as I did it on Lunar New Year instead of the Solar New Year).

But I'm on my laptop and I deliberately deleted and demolished all my IM abilities on it... other than the built-in gmail chat stuff. So if you're used to IM'ing with me, this is a notice that I'm unlikely to show up any time soon. Cold Turkey... I always have to do things the hard way, I guess.