February 20th, 2009


Coraline and Gardening

Jet and John went to see Coraline with me yesterday. We needed a break from stuff and wanted to see a movie, but Jet wasn't all that sure he wanted to see it.

And I was unable to come up with a particularly convincing argument for going or against, but John mentioned popcorn. So that worked.

Afterward, Jet said, "Mom, I don't really know if I liked it. It was kinda scary." And then he thought a bit. "But I did like the very beginning and the very end."

I can say that if you liked the book, you'll like the movie, I think. The Cat, in particular, moved exactly as I thought the Cat should move.

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The green onions have come up, and the tulips and irises and daffodils are all showing green, so it's time to start getting the vegetable garden ready and start planting things like peas, onions, carrots, and the cold weather vegetables, even though some of the nights are still getting down into the 20's. But the one bed that housed the sugar snap peas from last year was rock hard.

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