February 24th, 2009

trees over Jet

Pancake Tuesday...

We had a pretty busy day today, it started with my actually waking up before 8, getting up when the alarm went off at 7, and the boys and I went to our local IHOP for the free buttermilk pancakes. And when Jet found out that the pancakes were actually a fund-raiser for the local children's hospitals, he took a dollar and a half out of his piggy bank and put them into the donations box himself! I was really proud of him for just thinking of it and doing it on his own.

They were pretty packed, especially for having lost a cook for the morning, and at least one of their serving crew. But the pancakes appeared really quickly, and Jet finished off his short stack in short order, and we were in plenty of time to get him to the bus stop on time. Then I started off on my crazy morning.

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Little Boy Blues 200-word Drabble for Fat Tuesday

Prompt: Gift
Chars: DeAndre's my original character, Little Boy Blues. He's black, with blue/green eyes (depending on his mood), a jazz musician and long-time resident of Nawlins. Kind of an offshoot of gogoangelgunboy Dharma*Gun, as he was intended for a continuation of "Some Things Never Change". He might go his own way, too, though. I'm not sure.

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