March 6th, 2009


A Finished House

[Posted the next day as the Internet went down at the place we were staying,]

We actually finished Melody's house, today, or at least the project that the Catholic diocese wanted us to finish on the house. She really could have used a new roof, but we weren't supposed to do that. So we didn't. We did have half a dozen go to her house today to finish the very last of the fascia installment and paint her front porch and a few bits of fascia that really looked a lot better for the new coat of paint. The first day the manager had said that we were not to touch the fascia on the eaves, at all; but he changed his mind on the third day of the project and told us that we were supposed to do the extra work.

I suspect, somehow that it was after seeing the quality of the work we were able to do.

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A Much Harder Day Than I Wanted

Last night four folks all came down with the stomach bug all at once, and the folks that had come down with it yesterday all stayed in as well, so everyone was wiped out and our crew was down six folks. So all the skilled guys had to juggle people to cover all three jobs we had going. And the folks that were left did a lot of work cleaning up the facility we'd stayed in. That turned out to be very useful when the jobs were done and we had to get all packed to head out to New Orleans.

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