March 9th, 2009


Driving Tour and Getting Home

[Posted on Monday, written on Sunday...]

We told Louis we'd meet him at 8 am at Mother's Restaurant. I'd found it before the trip and John had sent the address and map to everyone, and it was only three four blocks away from our hotel. Everyone else had gone Friday night and Lysa and Jeff had gone there again Saturday night, and hadn't eaten at Mulate's. *laughs* It was a very popular restaurant for everyone as the prices were mildly more reasonable than the rest of the city's restaurant prices, and the food was just really, really good. I hadn't known it, but it has also been featured by Food Network and on Saturday the place had been so packed at 11am and at 3pm that folks had had to wait an hour to get in.

We got a call from him that he wouldn't be making it, it was only later that we realized that it was because the flu had hit him pretty badly.

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