March 17th, 2009


St. Patrick's Day Birthdays

Goodness. I know that in any group of people, there have to be some that share a birthday, but FOUR on This Day?!?

Happy birthday to cosmogonic and bloodthirstylt! I've come to know you two more recently, and it's been a pleasure. I hope you have a great day. *grins*

Happy birthday to Shini!! Though I know her better from her keikain alias, and she helped me out with the ins and outs of Bleach and other fandom stuff back in the beginning of last year, along with shadowgirl and Megan...

And a very happy birthday to tallcedars, whom I've known since the 1980's... we've shared teddy bears and lots of stories, a mountain bike ride, and a ton of email older than some of those that read me now. *laughs* I hope you have many more good birthdays, tallcedars!!.
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Bleach Art Analysis

I know telophase wrote this a while back, but I also know that there are a few folks that read this that are fascinated with the way TK uses his art in Bleach. So I thought I'd link her thorough analysis and blow by blow look at Chapter 118 of the manga and how she illuminates how Kubo-sensei tells the story more clearly with his art.

Thanks, amberley, for pointing it out to me, and it probably has my favorite exchange between Yoruichi and Byakuya in it. *grins*

Busy Knitting

My verbal brain seems to have taken a hike, or walkabout or something for a bit. Part of it is just... angsty stupidity over internets... and that feeling I usually get just before I go Cold Turkey on the electronic connections... I'm fighting it off, there's too much investment on my part, this time, in staying semi-visible.

I'm compensating by knitting a lot, drawing a little, and painting some along with a huge amount gardening. Two knitting things I did have arrived on their recipients' doorstep, so I can show pictures, now, and in the effort to do that, I got pictures of everything I'm working on...

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