April 10th, 2009



... I hate Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services...

It really feeds the more depressive side of me, the side that hates people, that hates collections of people, and that really, truly, utterly hates being in any collection of people. Jet kept asking questions the whole way to the service, questions I never dared ask as a kid, and we encouraged him to ask them of the folks around him at the church, and he did and got some pretty reasonable answers, both from people and from our particular "walk of the stations of the cross."

There were little scenes set up through the church, depicting scenes after Jesus had left them, and so we were trying to "catch up" as we went... starting at the Temple and ending at the grave.

It's a part of Easter most people like to forget, I guess, but... it's necessary in its own way. I just wish I didn't hate the world so much now.

I've tried to do some fun and good stuff to counteract this as I knew that I was going to be doing it.

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Bleach 353

Hmmm... is it odd to think of a yarn colorway with silver, black, turquoise and the occasional flash of bright yellow? Maybe I should come up with a whole Bleach line of character inspired colorways?

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