April 14th, 2009



I have discovered Scottish oatmeal. It's more like stone-ground oats than steel cut oats, and it comes out a lot like an old childhood standby, Cream of Wheat. Admittedly not my childhood, but I imagined that it might have been someone's when Indiana moms cooking for the Girl Scout camping breakfasts used to make big pots of Cream of Wheat and top it with butter and brown sugar and milk. It seemed something creamy and comforting and so very different (as a kid) to the rice porridges my mom used to make to ease an aching stomach.

The cooked Scottish oats are reminiscent of that bowl I had as a girl, topped with brown sugar, a studded with dried black currents, and swimming in a warm pool of milk from our local dairy.

Easter was good. John's cousin and her daughter have been marvelous guests. But I'm very grateful for this first morning alone.

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