May 14th, 2009



Poll #1399945 I Only Want Updates For...
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I'm thinking about using a couple of free journals just to post links to particular kinds of updates here. Here's where you can tell me if you'd want that. Who responds is locked to just me, so I'd love for the lurkers to do this, too.

I want updates just for your fanfiction.
I want updates for just all your writing.
I want just knitting updates.
I want just mission trip or church happening updates.
What? I LOVE everything just mashed together the way you have it.

Original Fic: Other People's Trash

Title: Other People's Trash
Character: Ezra, homeless kid in New Orleans. This is only a year after Katrina.
Rating: G - no warnings
Word Count: 383 words
Author's Note: This was the result of a writing jumble exercise as written by akuni who gave several lists of ten possible things to pick from as prompts. I chose 8) a homeless person, 9) in a cemetery, 3) at meal time, and 5) someone has won something. Many thanks to her for the prompts.

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