May 17th, 2009


Many Thanks!

For everyone that participated in the poll. I'm very glad I asked, as I'd been assuming that there would be far more people that wanted breakouts of just the writing or other stuff. It felt really good to know that nearly everyone was fine with how things are here. Thank you. Nearly everyone that wanted a breakout was also really happy with the whole hodgepodge as well, or at least checked both, so that was nice to see as well.

In the comments, several good people pointed out that I do tag my fanfiction very conscientiously. So if you do want just the fanfic, you can just bookmark this link and you'll only see my fanfiction. Knitting is here. And originals, including and after "Silver and Black" are here. Originals before that were all tagged dreams as they were nearly all sourced from dreams.

Thank you all for telling me what you really wanted instead of just what I assumed. The marketing manager in me is very smug about having asked instead of just implementing what I *thought* people wanted. Hmph.