June 1st, 2009


Gretchen's Gloves

Gretchen's Gloves
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Yay! They're done. I had to redo the right hand one three times due to miscalculations on my part. I guess that that's what happens when one doesn't follow a pattern and is just kind of making it up as they go. But I think it has come out much better than it would have otherwise.

I had two ladies with mildly smaller hands than mine try them on, and they seem to fit just fine. So I'll be sending them off in the mail today.

As you can see, the yarn didn't have the bright yellows that were in the picture... or that I had thought were in the picture of the yarn itself, but the gold browns are very nice, especially close up where they're flecked with other colors. The overall effect seems warmer... and should go well, I hope. And the yarn was, indeed, a joy to work with, and I got paid plenty to buy a bit more for me. Thank you, Gretchen!!

The shawl inches along, I'm on the second needle size, but the beading goes along slowly. *laughs* I knew that with the PI shawl it would, as each section takes just as long as all the previous ones put together. I have a small hat commission, and the plate will be ready to pick up on Wednesday, so that'll be done, too.

This morning is the first morning of a week where Jet's going to be at Camp Invention, so I'll have most of the day to do things with.


I've been intrigued by Malcolm Gladwell's Outliers, and when one of amberley's boxes revealed a copy of his Blink, I dove right in, and read it right through in two days. (DO check out the online references and bibliography... it's well worth doing). I'd highly recommend Blink to anyone that wants a better understanding of how people react, sometimes better than when they try to think things through.

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