June 11th, 2009


Dances the Way Cool Dance!!

The Vorkosigan Saga Source book and Roleplaying Game by Genevieve R. Cogman has come out!!! I so love Bujold's novels it's fun to think about playing in the Vorkosigan universe and the book's index looks *great*. There's a preview download for a taste of the artwork, prose, and indices for the book.

Steve Jackson Games is publishing it online, first, and there will be a paper version of it soon...

*dances about happily* Check it out!
trees over Jet

Camping Was Fun

It really was. *laughs* I actually enjoyed it rather more than I suspected, even at 7200 feet... we seem to have figured out how to do this well enough, even with short notice preparation, and I really got to relax and enjoy the outdoors and use every single bit of clothing in my little duffle bag. *laughs*

It also amuses me, greatly, that I usually think of my trips in terms of food, and this one is no different.

The rest of the trip after the night in the nice little hotel in Glenwood Springs.Collapse )
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