July 4th, 2009


Happy Fourth of July!

To all those U.S. of A'ers that celebrate.

We had a doozy of a day, with 40+ people coming for a pot luck with plenty of grilled corn and smoked ribs and John's Jerk chicken and lots of salads and desserts that everyone brought and loved. And then, in the midst of it a thunderstorm just poured down rain until the back patio was an inch deep in water, even though it was supposed to be draining through all the slats. Everyone was good about making themselves comfortable in the house, ending up everywhere... on the floor, in the dining room, and even some ended up on our front door stoop, under the overhang there, just talking.

It was great fun, though, and everyone enjoyed themselves.

The six quarts of hand-cranked vanilla ice cream ALL disappeared. THAT was impressive.

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An Old Picture of Me

Something John found recently.

This was taken probably ten years ago. 1998. As the backset is the forest growth at the back of our old Redmond house, that we moved out of in 1999. But that is the banker's suit I still fit in now. *laughs* Though I have no idea where those sunglasses went. Hm...

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