July 11th, 2009


Two Reunion Days

I am sick. Just some throat, sinus, and head thing that is knocking me for a loop.

tagryn has been doing some amazing work annotating a lot of my Philadelphia pictures with extra information that he remembers from the city; and, yeah, it was really cool to see the Liberty bell out in the open for everyone to look at. It has broken so many times, I think a lot of people there were starting to draw analogies to how hard it is to keep freedom, it's so fragile and breaks so easily from all the different metals mixed into it; but when it's whole it sings so beautifully and rings to loudly everyone knows.

The reunion has gone amazingly well. There are lots of people here. Anne and David and doing an amazing job of housing everyone and feeding everyone and people have been very appreciative. Yesterday was a trip to the first US Marble quarry to jump in and swim over 100's of feet of accumulated water (a small side-trip to a yarn store where I did some damage), today was a trip to see Jet's great-uncle Walt and bring lunch for 25+ after I slept in *late* and probably should nap again. Everyone has been wonderful.

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