August 22nd, 2009


Making Things

Aieee... Jet went off last night on his first sleepover, and has done just fine. Enjoyed himself, and was pretty happy about being invited to the party of an eleven-year-old when he's only eight.

Amazing how quickly he's grown up, and very cool too as he's just capable of all that now and better yet, he's got the self-confidence to just pull it off when he's mind's set on doing it. I love that. I guess I've never been one of those mothers that mourns when their kid is more capable. I'm all for it, Go, Jet, Go! He'll be happier knowing he can do something by *doing* it.

With Jet off to school, I thought I'd be writing more. I have been... got 2700 words of Twin Souls done in Word Wars on Thursday morning; but I'm finding it harder to spend the whole day writing. Of course I then spent all of yesterday at the optometrist's and trying to adjust to my new contacts as well as prepping for a party today. A "We Survived The First Week of School" party with the usual umpteen people we've invited.

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"We Survived the First Week of School" Party

Jet's first overnight stay elsewhere was a doozy. He was up until 2 am watching Harry Potter movies and then up at 6 because there were kids that went to sleep early that were too excited to stay asleep... and then he swam at Union reservoir and when he came home at 2:30 he had a snack and sat on the couch to tell me about the party and before I even realized it he was fast asleep on the couch.

He got a good hour's nap and we did some stuff together to help him wake up. He said, rather plaintively in the midst of it, "I didn't think our party was today."

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