September 2nd, 2009

Blue Jyuushiro

Breathing a Little Easier

With the winds going a different direction, the smoke hasn't been as bad lately from the California fires. Yeah, I know, we're nearly 1000 miles away, but the jetstream was bringing it right to us.

The bemusing thing was that I started going my breath capacity tests last night when I was wondering how it was affecting me.

The highest scored I'd *ever* gotten was 400. I was averaging about 360 and going as low as 330 on bad days, and got to about 380 last summer when I was doing well. Even with the smoke, I blew a 430, twice just to be sure it was real, yesterday evening. It's a volume reading, so it really does mean that I've, possibly, regained another 8% or so.

So I am improving, indeed.

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