September 3rd, 2009


Bleach Fanfic: First Day

Title: First Day
Characters: Jyuushiro, Shunsui, Lisa, and a bunch of others
Rating: PG
Spoilers: This is set a few decades before "Turn Back the Pendulum" so probably spoils from -108 through -97 and perhaps up to 315 or so in the manga. So, yeah, OC's galore on my part, but hopefully they're mostly transparent.
Genre: General
Word Count: 1000 (because I could)
Summary: When Kyouraku-taichou takes on a new Lieutenant, will her reputation survive her first day?
Author's Note: This was a request by annieroo2 because she didn't ask for one in my last drabble offering, and I had to pressure her a bit into giving me this one. *laughs* She gave me "Lisa's first day."

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