September 26th, 2009


Drabble: Making Room

Requester: silawen
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Kyouraku Nanao
Prompt: Reflection

Sometimes, when he saw his sweet Nanao-chan sitting at her desk, eyes intent, working over a report, Shunsui would close his eyes.

Nanao-chan was herself, no other.

When she pushed up her glasses, girding herself for battle with bureaucracies or to order the other Seats to prepare for an attack, he would remember. The flash of light obscuring her eyes, the set to her shoulders, and that steady voice all mirrored a memory he held close to his heart.

There were no regrets. He had to give them the room to grow stronger.

And yet... he made time for reflection.


Fanfic: Gone

Requester: nikita_cheri111
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Characters: Seifer Hayner (any Twilight Town)
Prompt: Autumn Chill

Autumn leaves blew by the clock tower as Seifer sat with Hayner, Pence, and Ollette, eating salt water ice cream bars. The sunset spread gold, purples, and pinks across the sky, making Twilight Town a black silhouette.

"I wonder what finally happened to Roxas?" Hayner asked.

"I wish I knew." Seifer slouched against the wall. "Haven't been up to my A game since he disappeared."

"Mm... hard to keep it up when your rival just leaves."

"Hmph. Well... yeah..."

As the sun disappeared, the autumn dark sent shivers through Seifer.

Softly he said, "I just hope he beat his destiny."


Drabble: A Treat for Hawkeye

Requester: incandescens
Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Characters: Hawkeye and her dog
Prompt: treats

When Hawkeye entered her bare apartment after a day in the Fuhrer's Office she was greeted and followed by her dog.

"Hayato, sit!"

The pup sat, ears perked up, tongue lolling.


He crouched, watching Hawkeye with bright eyes.

"Roll over!"

A flurry of tail, paws, and legs answered her command.


Hayato placed a paw gravely in her hand.

"Good dog." Hawkeye set down the treat. "Wait... wait... wait... all right, take it."

He crunched the biscuit between white teeth as Hawkeye ruffled his fur. Her shoulders relaxed, and she grinned as he licked her hand. "Thanks for welcoming me home."