September 28th, 2009


Drabble: Not A Thing

Requester: ross_teneyck
Fandom: Dresden Files
Characters: Murphy Bob
Prompt: Regrets
as per this post

Murphy settling her petite blonde self deep in Harry's sleep-inducing couch. A bare-bones skull should not have been able to leer but Bob managed it until she asked, "Do you regret anything?"

"What would I regret? I'm just an inhuman tool..."

Murphy's foot swung by so fast it made him yelp. "Hey! Watch it... oh... all right..." The flames of his eyes flickered before he answered, "It might not be regret, but I am glad Harry has safeguarded me. How about you?"

Something shadowed Murphy's sky blue eyes. "No," she answered, taking a slug of her beer. "Not a thing."

Drabble: Child's Play

Requester: gokuma
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Ukitake Zaraki
Prompt: Kids
as per this post

Jyuushiro sat quietly in the midst of Zaraki's intense reiatsu, not having as hard a time breathing as he'd thought he might. Together, they sat on a bench, watching Yachiru and Lilyenette chasing each other through a play structure that was too small for the two girls. They made do, scrambling and sometimes leaping ten feet out to catch each other and then lean on the other giggling even more.

"The things those two have seen..." Jyuushiro murmured.

Zaraki rumbled, "Aye, and still able to live in and be in just the moment."

Both shook their heads in wonder, "Kids."


Drabble: Sunrise

Requester: theodosa
Fandom: Bleach
Characters: Jyuushiro Byakuya
Prompt: Role Models
as per this post

Tea steamed gently in Jyuushiro's hands. He lifted it to sip, and the green grass scent of it filled his nose even as the gentle acridity and bitterness filled his mouth.

Byakuya cradled a red pine fired Bizen teacup in his slender hands, the rough textures a pleasing contrast against the white silk of his skin.

They both sipped their tea and watched the sunrise in companionable silence. When reveille sounded, they both rose with empty cups.

Byakuya bowed. "Thank you for this morning's instruction, senpai."

Jyuushiro bowed back, "I have enjoyed your companionship. Thank you."

Byakuya smiled and left.


Drabble: What's Best

Requester: baka_mazoku
Fandom: Battle Angel Alita
Characters: Daisuke Ido, Desty Nova
Prompt: "What is best in life." -- Conan
as per this post

Desty Nova ate his flan. Sweet custard coated his tongue and made him happy even as he watched tall, blond Daisuke Ido poke through his stuff.

"Do you remember anything?"

"Well, this is a neural adjustment tool, and that works for attaching control loops. I remember how to use them." Daisuke said soberly.

"But nothing of when you've used them?" The memory of bloodsplatter came to the mad scientist.

"I think it worked." Daisuke smiled wanly. "I can go on."

The scientist nodded.

"I need to find the good in life."

Desty Nova waved his spoon. "My best is here."