September 29th, 2009


Spreading the Word

bryant and michele_blue will be walking to raise money for suicide prevention on October 10th. He's written a blog entry on why and another on what your money will do. I've known six people who survived suicide attempts, and known four people who didn't and saw what happened to their families and friends after.

Every little bit does help. As a knitter, a volunteer, and someone that often sees the impact of small things helping, I do encourage anyone that's so moved to do even a little bit.


I am... uhm... officially functional, so far as my lung capacity goes. I finally went over the 70% mark today, which isn't as good as fully-functional lungs in an adult female human being my size and weight, but it is much better than I was a year and a half ago, when I started my whole allergy thing. It has the additional feature of being classified as "functional" again, which I wasn't before. Dunno if that'll be of any help with respect to insurance, but that's life. I'm still on all my meds and shots and stuff, but there's more indications that I can win back more breathing space for the long run, and the exercise is good for me anyway.

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