October 26th, 2009


Home Sick

Poor Jet's been home sick for the last two days. He's had a fairly high temp, cough, and is just kind of sad. So I've been spending a lot of time with him. We've been watching a lot of Avatar together, and it seems to comfort him and me. Poor guy. It's the first time he's missed school due to an illness, so I can't complain THAT much. *laughs* I've been knitting and cuddling and doing origami with him, and not really getting much time to concentrate on anything on the computer, but that's all right.

He'll be better soon enough, but it's part of why I'm just not that visible, lately.

Had an annual exam today with the usual indignities for someone in their forties. Get that pap smear! It also helped going through the other exams knowing a close friend of mine just went through ovarian cancer surgery because of such an exam. They'd gotten it clean out, but are doing chemo to be sure; but it was her annual that caught it.

It was funny to have the blood draw nurse look at my right arm and go, "Huh, it's like you have a landing pad for needles." I'm pretty scarred up where I've donated so often, I guess. She still managed to leave a huge bruise. *laughs* I get to schedule a mammogram, my second, so it'll be interesting to see if anything changed. A couple of lumps in my legs were examined and explained as entirely safe, and he approved of my choice of biking and swimming for exercise.

Have to admit I'm thankful, though. Thankful that nothing turned up immediately, and thankful that the insurance I can afford is going to cover it. It was really cool, as I left, to have the doctor say, "Stay healthy." Now THAT is good medicine.