October 29th, 2009


Lounging About... Well... Not Really...

Though I probably should be doing more of it, but John had meetings all day and Jet really, really wanted to go sledding and play with some other kids for just a little while. He's much better now, even as I think I've bottomed out. We walked out to the sledding hill and stayed until I couldn't anymore, and Jet was great about coming back then and working on his costume for tomorrow and for Halloween.

The snow is nearly a foot deep, fluffy and white, but it got warm enough today that it started to pack pretty well, so Jet had a fun time throwing snowballs and making snow angels, and it really was just too beautiful to stay inside all day. But I was very tired after that little outing, so I am definitely not all well, yet. Lungs still seem to be clear, even though the upper respiratory tract is pretty gummed up.

Jet has decided to call all the stuff he coughs and sneezes up, "Gack." I don't blame him. *laughs*

John gave me a little time yesterday, and I read books 2-8 of After School Nightnare, and finally finished the second Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex series. Mixed in with all the Avatar: The Last Airbender that Jet and I have been watching, and I've been having interesting dreams.

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