November 21st, 2009


Winter War: Isane -- Present

Title: Isane: Present
Story: Winter War -- and AU co-authored by incandescens, sophiap, and I. It's a dark AU where the Gotei 13 lost the winter war but they find themselves one last chance. "Nothing is sacred and no one is safe."
Characters: Kotetsu Isane, Shiba Kuukaku, and Shirogane Mihane
Rating/Warnings: PG-13 for language
Word Count: 4414
Summery: Isane is challenged by both Shiba-sama and Shirogane to find her strength in the midst of the ruins that will be Ukitake's new base.
Author's Notes: Many thanks to both incandescens and sophiap for both the lovely and fun plotting as well as their great concrit and help in getting this good and solid. I'm putting this up now before I leave on a Thanksgiving trip.

Previous Chapters:
13. Karakura: Waiting
14. Iba: Hurry Up and Wait
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Thank You!

We're off again, this time to my parents' house in San Diego for Thanksgiving. It's been a while since my parents got to see Jet, and we needed to make the trip.

Been packing, poking at more origami ornaments, not writing as much as I wanted, but I knew that from the start of the month. That's okay. The tree folks really liked the tree I made for them. I'm kind of glad I didn't sign up for Nanowrimo, though part of it was due to the Flu hitting so hard. It'll be good to spend some time in the sunshine and hope that my cough finally goes away.

But I am getting going on the next chapter of Twin Souls, so I'm pretty happy there, and I've really been enjoying writing Winter War.

And I thought I'd offer my thanks to all of you folks on my flist. Thanks for being around and commenting and for just being cool folks to read stuff from and to talk to. Thanks a lot to all my old friends whom I've known forever, and who really know me. Thanks to the tech folk that have dropped by. Thanks to the religious folks that offer commentary, debate, and sympathy. I've really enjoyed this last year and really enjoyed interacting with the parts of the fan community that I've had the pleasure to talk with and talk things over with. I've really had a fun time. It's also been really fun getting involved in the Word War community of writers as well. Not that I'm stopping! *laughs*

I just wanted to offer my thanks to all the folks that have just made livejournal a lot of fun for me, and one of the best places for thoughtful, encouraging, supportive and fun commentary. It's been really rewarding and I think I've improved on my writing a lot in the last year. So Thank You!