December 2nd, 2009


Snow and Food Fun

What more could one want?

It snowed two or three inches last night. Enough to make things a little slick, but not enough to stop anything or keep anyone from doing what they wanted to do. It was all just a little slower.

Since it was Late Start Day (first Wednesday of every month), I thawed some beignet dough and made them for breakfast for us. Jet loves that, as do we, though the powder sugar clouds do go everywhere. Rather than starting two and a half hours late, though, he had a Green Club meeting an hour before school started. It's a club where the kids figure out how to do things to help the environment for the school and with the help of the school staff. They've run a recycle shoes campaign, worked with them on a Zero Waste Lunch week, and have other things they've planned.

It's pretty cool.

So we dropped him off for his Club meeting and then wandered off on a little food adventure.

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