December 7th, 2009


Settling in for Winter

On Saturday, the boys and I went and got two loads of mulch from the City Tree Limb place, and we covered up all the formal roses with them. They already had an insulating blanket of snow on 'em, but the extra mulch didn't hurt. I ache today, all over; but the weather turned really cold, and we've had teens all day and are already in the single digits tonight. Even our highs aren't supposed to get above freezing until Thursday, so we're kind of hunkered in for the week.

I'm still amazed that the roses ripped good chunks out of my old down gardening parka. They are mean plants. *laughs*

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I don't know how many of your are Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle and Usagi Yojimbo fans... I imagine a great deal of the Horde, like me, read many of them when they first came out.

If you loved 'em... go read this.. It's a gift fic by zangetsugirl that I especially like. It's entirely within their genre. Just great story, no warnings if you know the originals, a mild spoiler warning for info about a major char death if you haven't read the old series.