December 16th, 2009


Fanfic: Fighting the Odds

Title: Fighting the Odds
Fandoms: Saiyuki and Bleach
Summary: Sanzo stumbles across a beautiful hungry ghost outside his tent. How will he and his companions deal with Ulquiorra and his attitudes?
Characters: Sanzo and Ulquiorra, 2metaldog's prompt was "a card game that goes perfectly and horribly wrong."
Genre: General. Humor and adventure? Perhaps...
Rating and Warnings: PG for a good clean fight and bad language.
Word Count: 6557
Author's Notes: Many thanks to mysocalledhell for the beta and incandescens for helping me figure out that this could actually end. *laughs* This is a very, very late birthday fic for 2metaldog because my block hit right at the worst time, but I feel good about having done this.

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