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First Turkey of the Season

John had a turkey craving last weekend, so we scratched it by buying a modest, nine-pounder. It was very good. We had so many things going on during the week that we had to wait until today to actually roast it. It was great, tender, lovely. The stuffing was a bit too moist. The gravy was a bit too sweet from the Australian Chardonnay I used to deglaze the pan. The bird itself was leaner than I was expecting, but there was enough drippings for a good measure of gravy for the meat. The rest was good, though, and it was all good practice for Thanksgiving and Christmas when John's parents come.

We'll likely have curry casserole, hot turkey sandwiches, turkey pot pie, and soup, lovely soup in the near future. Fall and turkeys... the newspaper just started carrying ads for the $5 15-pound turkeys. I figure we'll have one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas, and maybe go to two or three of the stores and get frozen ones for the rest of the winter at $5 a pop. But the first one was very, very nice.

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