January 6th, 2010



Holidays are mostly over. Jet goes back to school tomorrow. Life may resume a more modest pace.


I don't think I've been doing much, but, as usual, when I look at it I do a *headdesk*. Since we got home from Taos, we've mostly been cleaning up the house so that the cleaners could come today and not wade about in a morass of wrapping paper, flung toys, and snow gear. We've been playing with our toys and eating food and exercising. The snow is falling again, and I had fun digging out the sidewalk and driveway. It's a good workout.

We all got H1N1 flu shots as the local clinic was in good supply, and at $10 a pop it didn't hurt even if we thought we'd gotten it. I've been riding the bike like a good girl and watching Ghost in the Shell 1 and 2 (the Innocence). The Innocence was clearly an art-flick, and the number of aphorisms was astonishing, and I loved learning that they got a *Chinese* calligraphy master to do the poetry.

My dad's a linguist of some 60 years study, since he was born in China, and lived most of his young adult life, there, his first language is still a dialect of Fukanese (Taiwanese) first, and then Mandarin. During our trip home, he expounded some on his theories about the difference between the written language of China and those of Europe.

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