February 9th, 2010


Good Turn Out

The Biloxi Bash turned out well.

The Pumphouse had let us use their Red Zone, their bar, for the party, basically closing that half of the restaurant and only letting people into the other half. If they had a ticket/donated to the Bash, they got to go into the Red Zone. We ended up not just selling all of the original 250 tickets, but selling a great deal more as well. It ended up being closer to 300 all told than not. At $10 apiece, that's close to $3000. Everyone was remarkably generous in addition to the tickets, and we got about $700 in on site donations as well.

Minus the cost of everything, we still made plenty to help cover the cost of housing, food, and rental cars for the whole 20+ person crew that is going. And enough over in other donations even before this, to start paying for building materials and tools for the Back Bay Mission as well.

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