February 23rd, 2010

black cat

Day Two: The Plywood and Tar Paper on the Roof

I haven't been up to writing in a lot of detail, lately. *laughs* The routine of the days will probably all be getting up early, having breakfast, making our lunch in the kitchen at the dorm, and then getting to the work site and working our asses off. Then we go back to the dorm, shower, and head out for dinner somewhere to help the local economy as we can.

By the time I get back from dinner (and, tonight, an extra beer run to make sure that when everyone hits the dorm after working that there *is* beer in the shiny new walk-in fridge) I'm not really up for much expressive stuff, but that doesn't really serve you who are following this journal all that well.

The return feels more routine this year, perhaps because it's so familiar now, the place, the stories the people, but I need, perhaps, to revisit a little of it to introduce all this to those who haven't seen the previous years' trips.

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