February 27th, 2010


Friday Blues

Fridays are nearly always the hardest day for me, in some ways.

Some of it is that I'm sore and tired, sleeping in an open room with 20 other women is always a little crazy, no matter how nice and accommodating the other ladies are, there are still snorers and early risers and sounds that just have to happen when we're all together like that. I'm usually really sore and tired and hurting by the last day, and I like working hard. And it's the day when we're all going to simply finish what we can and go.

That last gives everything a little more urgency as well as a little more sadness. So I get a little cranky about it, not bad cranky, but this year my right knee was having more stability problems than the previous years and it was pretty swollen and just hurt a lot. Unless, of course, I was working on something.

We had plenty to work on, too. *laughs*

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