March 4th, 2010


Thoughts and Recovery

I was pretty trashed by the time I got home. Feet and knees and hands all swollen from doing so much, so hard, body just hurt all over. A Chiro session, a massage therapy session with Bonnie (who discovered more bruises than I knew about), and a lot of ice and hot tub and trying to sleep at altitude, I'm still physically exhausted, but... good, too.

Something was going on with my right knee, and it just kept getting worse, but I figured that once the week was over I could just rest it for a long time.

irana asked me if I'd gotten something out of it, and I surprised myself a little by answering, yes. I really, really got a lot out of the week, and I'm doing some of my contemplation after getting home rather than beforehand, the way I usually do. It was all well worth it, and more besides.

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It's all Red... hm....

I was telling someone about places to see up and down the West Coast and across the SW, and realized that... well, I've driven it all a lot of times. *thougthfuls*

And well... I thought I'd check off all the US States that I've been to and got this:

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I guess I don't do the Deep South all that well. And North Dakota just hasn't been on the way from here to there, either... but just six more to go. *laughs*