March 13th, 2010


A Quiet Saturday

I am a little more sick than I thought I was going to be as I'd felt so much better on Thursday, but the cold seems to have moved to my rather fragile lungs, and they don't much like it. I tried to take it easy today. John had an early morning meeting, and then the boys rode their bikes to the the county fair grounds for a 4-H fair. Jet enjoyed it a great deal.

I spent a lot of the afternoon playing Crash of the Titans with Jet, and then he started getting ready for the Kids Night Out when he discovered that we weren't going to a benefit auction for his school the way he thought we were (that's another day), so he decided to stay home instead and watch Star Wars with John.

So I got most of the day to try and thrash out the rest of Crash's fic. I'm glad I got it done. I still have theablackthorn's birthday fic and a birthday fic for irana, both a few months late, but then I'll get started on Winter War and Twin Souls again.

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