March 17th, 2010


A Little Stunned

I don't actually know how many people here read the Common Ground stories about Ezra and Kalin that irana and I wrote over on Y!Gallery. In the course of the years since we started that together, she was a constant source of encouragement, and it was fun to write with her. She was a very, very good friend to me.

Last night she died. She had heart problems, and it was always a possibility. I just hadn't wanted/thought it would be this soon. She's survived by a daughter and her husband.

I'm still kind of stunned, as she and I were working on further installments of her Kalin and my Ezra just yesterday and I'd really liked talking with her this past week. I'd sent her a gift in the mail on Monday, and was writing her birthday fic for most of the day today... and I guess my main regret was not getting that done sooner. I am glad I made the time to talk with her and write with her this last week. I'd have been really upset if I'd put her off... as it is, well, I might see both the birthday fic and the Kalin and Ezra story through and we'll see how it goes.

Other Things...

There were lots of things to enjoy today, despite the terrible news, and I think that they helped balance me out a little... thank you, all of you, so much for your words of sympathy. They helped me very much, and I've passed much of it on to her family.

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