March 25th, 2010



I had a doctor's appointment this morning for my allergy and asthma, and I thought I was over my cold, but the breathing tests were really, really depressing. I'm back down to just 66% of my lung capacity even after a nebulizer with long and short-term drugs. With the asthma I've been having lately, and the cold, maybe that's the cause, and the doc took a look at me and said, "There's still an active infection going on back here, how about we give you an antibiotic?"

So I now have that, AND another asthma/lung capacity drug, and I'm oddly depressed.

I mean... I should be happy that we're addressing it, and that when I got back in two weeks, I'll probably be better off, but part of me was feeling all right, you know? And to have it brought to light that I'm really, really NOT all right just... bleh.

I should just write it off as more experience or something.

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