March 29th, 2010


Experiments and Setups

It's Jet's spring break. He's been giving a me a lot of time, though, at various tasks, but I suddenly found myself painting a lot rather than writing. I got a whole roll of their premium double shuen paper from Oriental Art Supplies for about $20, that's 10 sheets of 27" by 54" paper, which is huge! I'm more used to cutting the 27" by 18" into two sheets of 13.5 by 18" and those are my large paintings. I've cut them down even further for the smaller doodles. So that's a lot of paintings per sheet. So plenty of entertainment and learning.

Amusingly enough, I'm using more of my stores of my cheaper, mildly lower quality papers, first; but I got out the good ink sticks (having given the others away and thrown out the old bottled ink) and my good brushes (again having given the others away to avoid temptation to go back to old tools), and have been finding myself enjoying the results ever so much more.

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