April 1st, 2010



Instead of our usual Maundy Thursday service, we had the local Sabbat come and take us through a Seder service. They did an excellent job with a printed booklet for all the bits and pieces of the meal and all the stories and questions and all the parts that we were supposed to do, including the singing. It was a simplified version and mostly in English, and the Hebrew bits were spelled out phonetically for us. I was surprised, a little, how much we had to participate, but the kids really got into it and that was very fun to do.

It was a wonderful way to celebrate the season, to be reminded of everyone's responsibility to free those who are enslaved; and that God wanted us to be free from oppression. It's a very basic tenant of Judaism and one that doesn't get passed on loudly enough, for me at least, to the Christian traditions; and I think it's the really big story of the Old Testament in many ways.

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