April 19th, 2010


Simple Things

Been cooking a lot of simple food completely from scratch lately: chicken noodle soup. granola, scallion pancakes, and blueberry topping. Simple enough that I haven't been going to a recipe for them, just making them up as I go along, and I've been pleased with the results.

I'm fighting off another cold these last two days, which is why the soup. The granola came from a craving and having pignoli and almonds in my freezer. John calls the result Pignola, as it resembles the Italian cookie. The three of us ate an entire stack of scallion pancakes for dinner tonight, and I've been having the blueberry topping on everything from waffles to yogurt, the granola and oatmeal, ice cream and crepes. That's been nice.

It's also been nice to just buy a carton of whipping cream and use my little nitrous whipper to have plain whipped cream whenever we want it.

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