April 28th, 2010



It's really cool to be able to sit with Jet and philosophize.

We were sitting on the couch and Jet had a thumb that he'd used to push the eraserless end of a pencil into a pencil sharpener.  He'd cut the pad pretty deeply.  I had a finger that I'd cut on the edge of a pop-top chili can when I'd washed it to recycle it.  We both had Nemo waterproof adhesive bandages on them.

We commiserated about our mistakes, our injuries, and then Jet happily waxed lyrical about the lesson he'd learned about how even if you think you know how it's going to turn out it's better to stop and think about it before you do it.

We both agreed that it was okay to make mistakes and that we'd both heal from them pretty quickly.  That was pretty cool, all in all.

I like this second childhood, where I get to revisit the things I never really learned the first time around.  Like it being all right to make mistakes so long as you learn from them, and that being hurt, for a little while, isn't that big a deal.


I've been sick again, and am slowly recovering.  The weather had been something of a factor, as it's been 70's some days and raining and 30's in alternate insanity.  The local cherry and crabapple trees are blooming, and the cherry trees smell of musk and perfume, heady when they're all in sunlight. 

I took pictures of the buds when they were still furled tight, and the whole process of nearly a dozen flower buds and stems from each bud off the tree has been fascinating.

I haven't been called by the woman that offered to buy the paintings, which might imply that she went for the framed and matted ones at the gallery.  I need to go there and see or contact the gallery owner again.  I have, however, been offered a show for myself at a different gallery in the fall.  That is... I guess there are things that always come from saying, "Yes."

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