April 30th, 2010


Yaoi Word War

And I need to do more of these. Really I do...

With yaoi fangirls, but you can work on anything you want to work on. You'll just have to deal with what the rest of us talk about. *laughs* I'm probably working on Winter War stuff, so it won't be Yaoi at all.

Sorry for the late notice, but from about 1 MST (3 EST, 12 PST) until whenever we stop (and really I don't have to be there for you guys to war... honestly), I'll be in the Yaoi Word War room.

1. when two or more meet, we say Go, and write for 30 minutes.
2. no or little talking during the 30 minutes other than "we're writing until :XX"
3. when time is up, we compare how many words we got down and everyone wins on how much they did and we get to chat until we say GO again.

Prompts can be provided. Just ask!